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3 Ways To Find Motivated Sellers

1. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Sites Every Real Link real estate investor that's serious about buying houses should contact homeowners who are attempting to sell their property without a real estate agent. The For Sale By Owner can be found on websites like and Craigslist. Investors must develop their cold calling skills. The contacts should be personal in tone. Investors should let homeowners know who they are and their desire to purchase properties. Investors should get to know the homeowners and what their needs are. Let them know someone is concerned about them and their situation. Provide them with the real market value of their property and what’s happening with the market in their neighborhood. 

Many people who list their home on do so to keep from paying a real estate commission. Unfortunately, many of them have their properties priced too high. They may not want to accept that at first, but the longer their home is on the market, the more receptive they wil…